How Do We Work?

Specialty Areas – to Make Change Happen 
The Suran Group helps organizations to grow and to prosper by helping them to accomplish new directions, major changes and expansions.  We help to accomplish change by providing services in these areas:

  • Strategic and Operations Planning
  • Organization Structure Development and Restructuring
  • Process Development – Planning and Implementation

The Suran Group has provided specialty services in these areas for over 30 years:


  • Strategic and Operations Planning – Preparation and facilitation; follow-up, reporting and implementation processes
  • Governance – Planning and development of structures, roles and responsibilities, selection criteria, policies, and processes
  • Information Sharing, including financial structures and processes – Integration of these processes throughout the organization and consistently within all finance/information related departments and personnel
  • Management development and coaching in:
    • Leadership to motivate and increase momentum
    • Collaboration and use of teams to accomplish change
    • Alliances and linkages (internal and external) to expand and develop capacity
    • Process thinking to improve effectiveness and increase potential for success
    • Effective use of information (financial and non-financial), for  internal and external purposes

We Specialize in helping to Accomplish Change
Change is a given in today’s environment.  A major key to success is constantly watching trends and events for changes that may affect the organization (its products, customers, vendors, environment, employees)  and reinventing portions of the organization to meet or, better yet, to LEAD the emerging changes from within the organization, efficiently and effectively.

This is what The Suran Group does.  According to our clients, we help to make changes HAPPEN – whether at a segment or division level or at a comprehensive, organization-wide level – whether implementing a new initiative or reorganizing to condense, simplify or focus.
Planning for Change

Constant reinventing requires strategic assessment of the organization from two perspectives: 1) Internal effectiveness and efficiency and 2) Responsiveness to external factors

Constant reinvention also requires looking ACROSS the organization, viewing it from new perspectives, both on a macro and micro level – looking at the organization holistically – to determine new ways to be more effective and responsive.

Effectively Implementing Change

Implementing change requires collaboration and involvement of teams. Change doesn’t happen without buy-in from everyone affected.  Buy-in takes awareness, understanding and belief that the change will improve the situation – for the organization, for the department and for the individual.

Change doesn’t work without integration of the change throughout the organization’s operations at every level, in every department.  That’s why focus on processis critical to success.  The questions are:  Which processes will be affected?  What is the simplest, most effective way to incorporate the changes, without needless duplication?  How to motivate and assure employee trust and belief that the change will benefit them and their role within the organization?

A Unified and Diverse Team — to most effectively and efficiently accomplish client needs
Today’s changes and challenges within all organizations are incredibly complex – much more so than 10 or even 5 years ago.  A segment-by-segment, or organization-wide approach alone, using one discipline or functional approach, does not work.  It takes both a unified and a diverse approach.

For this reason, The Suran Group utilizes diverse, highly skilled, proven specialists as needed, based on the project’s requirements and timing, along with strategic, broad, and unifying skills in the project leadership.

Constantly Preparing for Change

Giving back – The Suran Group believes that we grow – mentally, spiritually, experientially and socially – by helping other organizations to grow and prosper – helping those small, wonderful, or new organizations that need to grow for the benefit of the greater good. While we help others, we see new ways of doing things, learn new strategies, hear about new trends, and gain skills in working with diverse personalities, cultures, and attitudes. This ultimately helps to build ourselves and our organizations while we help others.

Constant learning – In a time of constant change, The Suran Group believes every organization, and individuals within the organization, need to focus on constant learning – both within their major expertise areas as well as in areas that affect their overall growth and development.

For the Suran Group’s clients, this sometimes means we recommend specific higher education for executives, special seminars and courses for management as well as staff. It may mean mentoring or coaching for groups or specific personnel, or suggestions to join organizations that will provide access to courses, brainstorming or networking with peers to share “real life” lessons.

Sample Situations

Sample Situation 1
Let’s say we have three entities looking at joining forces to create one unified group. They all do similar things separately and together would create enormous value to their clients. They could share resources, share facilities, save on costs. The problem; no one wants to budge from their current situation. Arguments erupt over small issues, these issues soon grow to become big issues. The window of compromise has closed and the three entities end up going no where riddled with resentment and frozen by fear. How would they move on? Who wins?

Every voice should be heard and valued. Finding common ground is important in moving forward.  A consultant team with knowledge and experience in finance, strategic planning, organizational structure, management coaching, and process development is imperative. The Suran Group isn’t just about “change management” we help to make change happen.

Sample Situation 2
An important decision needs to be made that will have a great impact on a group of people. The issue is one that brings conflict and strife. Instead of collaboration and discussion, someone makes a decision. Now, there is conflict amongst everyone. Every step forward seems like it’s through a muddy bog of controversy. The group is now stuck, can’t move forward, can’t go back.

Collaboration is an important part in making change happen. The Suran Group works with teams to accomplish change, through assessing the situation, objectively and openly listening to views and alternatives.  Then using their knowledge of organization structure, processes and systems, facilitates a small group towards the 1st step, then bringing in more players to plan and to take the next steps – together.

 Note: These are sample projects only.  The Suran Group has numerous other projects which display our experience in Strategic and Change Planning and Implementation which we will summarize upon request.


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