“We are using this book at one of my high growth clients to build a resilient scalable culture. The book is easy to read for all levels and every page has a nugget of truth or a valuable idea. I especially like page 80 “Meaningful involvement, promoted extensively, is the most powerful motivator and most effective way to achieve change.” I strongly recommend this book for any company going through change, growth, or attempting to move from a reactive to proactive culture. Leaders should especially live Chapter #9 and learn to be a Selfless Leader—Rule #5!”

John Lee, Five-Star Book Review, February 9, 2019


“I’ve read the book cover to cover, and still referring to it time to time. It’s a really great book for leaders and decision makers when it comes to working to grow an organization in all aspects.  The author, Sandra, with her rich experience in the organization change makes this book such a great resource.”

Mazin Ahmad M Mbarki, Five-Star Book Review, November 8, 2017


“#1 best book for creating lasting and sustainable change in any organization.  I’ve read this book a number of times, especially when I need to remind myself of where to go during a change effort. For organizations that want lasting and sustainable change there is no better book to learn from. You will learn how to create employees that want to change, give them the tools they need to be successful, and see methods for communicating better throughout the entire organization.”

Andrew Hallberg, Five- Star Book Review, August 22, 2017


“Sandra Suran is a pioneer in leading accounting firms to play a larger role in helping businesses thrive and making numbers talk.  In this current book, Sandra brings her vast experience to show how ultimately leadership and systems prevail in lasting organizations that build trust.  Yes, it is people.  But true lasting value is achieved through communication, leadership and systems that enable people to shine, create value and be resilient over time.  The systems piece is usually overlooked by leadership fans and the leadership piece is usually overlooked by systems people.  Both are necessary.  You will be surprised and not surprised at the same time from the examples and what you learn.  I highly recommend this book as thoughtful and practical exploration into what makes resiliency in organizations.”

Nicole Thibodeau, CPA, PhD, Owner, Nthandco Management Consultants


“This is an outstanding book for CEO’s and others involved in designing and implementing effective and lasting change in their organizations. The author presents practical approaches with beneficial examples that illustrate how to design and implement strategy, and to proactively engage employees and stakeholders in the change process. The author is a highly experienced and successful management consultant who knows from years of implementing organizational change how to do it right.”

Geoff Guilfoy, Owner, Lumen Leaders, LLC


“The author of The DNA of Resilient Organization was crystal clear in defining what resilient organizations are. The threads are woven well together to give a mosaic of management techniques and tips for uplifting team motivation, focus and purpose. Innovative leaders would be well served to follow Sandra Suran’s advice.

 Jim Shorr, Financial Advisor


“An excellent in-depth look at what really makes and organization function at its best, and how the various aspects (cells) work together to create a resilient organization.  As leaders we learn how important communication is to our organizations and how ineffective communication will lead to dysfunction and damage.  The DNA of the Resilient Organization describes the components and attributes needed to build a healthy and sustainable organization.”

Gary Furr, Owner, The Growth Coach


“In this book, the author shares her formula for creating a resilient organization. She uses cases studies to illustrate the principles she shares. The exercises and suggestions she shares are useful advice that can help a business owner or someone who works with owners do effective work to make the business successful. I’d recommend this book to anyone who is serious about improving their business. The advice the author presents will help you develop a business infrastructure and change it as your business grows. What I especially like is how the author focuses on different levels of the organization and show how the right processes can make those levels effectively communicate with each other.

Taylor Ellwood, Five- Star Book Review, May 14, 2015


“Sandra Suran’s expertise and extensive leadership experience have enabled her to write The DNA of the Resilient Organization with the power of a successful leader, the precision of an organizational “neuroscientist” and the insight one might imagine that a well-placed nucleotide would have.  If you are happy with your stagnant, stunted or static organization, don’t bother reading this excellent book.”

Noel L. Allen, Legal Counsel, NASBA; Director, Allen, Pinnix & Nichols, PA


“Sandra Suran has given us a road map to creating organizations that are built to last.  She shows us how to build trust, design impeccable infrastructure and processes, and incorporate servant leadership that encourages and supports people as they work together toward a common goal.  It is a book for established companies ready to transform and for new companies who want to get it right from the get-go.  I highly recommend this book.”

Susan Bender Phelps, President, Odyssey Mentoring


“One of the finest books I have ever read about business, people and common sense strategy for successful organization.  Sandra Suran is about marrying your passion with your compassion.  She practices what she preaches.  She is about driving fear out of an organization and replacing it with Joy.  Instead of drama-based business, it is about intention-based.  Must be read by everyone in the business world.”

Mohammad Saeed Rahman, CEO, Rubicon Global Group


“This book is a must-read for leadership of any organization in preparation for your strategic planning exercise.”

Nick Veroske, President, Willamette Equities, Inc.



“In The DNA of the Resilient Organization, Sandra Suran has written what I consider to be one of the best and most useful books I have read. Through the use of relevant stories and examples, the guidance and advice is intuitively and clearly conveyed. I recommend this book to anyone associated with an organization, to prepare for, or address, the threat of crisis.”

Ken Bishop, President and CEO, National Association of State Boards of Accountancy


“In this book Sandra Suran does a beautiful job of bringing together all the concepts that make up a resilient organization. Sandra has worked with our company a number of times over the years and has helped us be the resilient company we are. It is great that she has put all of her experience into this book. My management team is reading it this month and it will be a huge help as we prepare our company for the next number of years.”

Tom Kelly, President, Neil Kelly Company


“This book really hits the nail on the head. Regardless of what your product may be, without the full buy-in from all stake holders; leadership’s dreams and visions will not be fully attained. The DNA of the Resilient Organization provides the road map in connecting the dots; sharing the Vision – building and monitoring the structure – pushing the limits. This book should be required reading for all innovative leaders, large and small. The DNA of the Resilient Organization is now my daily reference guide.”

John Sheils, President, Pine Crest Fabrics, Inc.


This book should be required text in every college. This is what it’s about in organizations of any kind – building resilience with teamwork, leadership, and trust.”

Bobby Beathard, Former General Manager, Washington Redskins and San Diego Chargers


“An absolute must-read for any leader working to grow an organization: whether in size, robustness, performance, or all three.”

Virginia Ohler, President, Ohler Management Services, Inc.


“Great book for the large or small organization. It has so much content focused on connecting the pieces of the structure, the culture and the thinking of the organization. And then Sandra gives example at each step on how it works and how it doesn’t work when those pieces do not come together. This is a book that pulls together the missing links to help an organization determine what is missing, so they can fix the problems moving toward synthesis and resilience.”

Steve Harpham, Living Water Financial Advisors, Former Controller, UPS


“A brilliant concept and metaphor.”

Lynda Falkenstein, Author, “Nichecraft”


“Suran hits this book home. Powerful real-world lessons for creating powerful alignment. A must read!”

John,, Five-Star Customer Review, July 14, 2014


“Sandra Suran lays the ground work and gives great examples about the importance of collaboration in the workplace and how to get to one collective heartbeat. Definitely easy to read, understand and put into practice at any level. I would recommend it for anyone who manages projects or decision-makers in any industry.”

Book Bear 512,, Five-Star Customer Review, May 5, 2014