The Suran Group is a Management Consulting firm.  We help organizations achieve their goals and accomplish beneficial changes.  But, we are very different from other firms – We don’t just help to manage change; we help to make it happen!

The Suran Group has specialized in helping to plan and facilitate growth-focused projects for business, not-for-profit organizations and government since 1990.  We specialize in helping good organizations – organizations that have a good product and good motives for dealing with their people, customers and vendors - to get better, stronger and more resilient. 

The Suran Group works within organizations, very closely with its teams, to assess issues and challenges, plan and develop solutions and to implement changes.  The only sure way to successful and sustainable changes is with strong communication and involvement of stakeholders.  The Suran Group has the experience and resources to facilitate this empowering process for accomplishing effective change.