The Suran Group assists organizations to accomplish sustainable changes –  whether confronting challenges or encountering opportunities, facing rapid growth or restructuring for new directions. 

  • Situation / Problem Assessments
  • Strategic Planning
  • Change Management
  • Project Management
  • Heightened cross-organization communication and information sharing
  • Organization Structures
  • Process Assessments & Improvements 
  • Implementation Strategies
  • Information / Communication Tools & Systems
  • Management Coaching
  • Governance Structures & Policies

“Core Approach – Our Focus as Change Facilitators 

What’s the REAL Problem? Whether solving problems or successfully implementing initiatives, the first step is to clearly understand the issue and its total environment. Our thorough situation assessment leads to high quality analysis of alternatives and also points the way to the best solutions.

Process Power – There are too many duplicative, out of sync processes, redundant forms, and conflicting information in most organizations. This is due to the failure to consider existing processes when building new ones. Evaluating and improving process builds employee ownership and assures efficiency and effectiveness of the changes.  Process thinking is inseparable from successful, sustainable change.

Meaningful Involvement – Open involvement of stakeholders, as extensively as possible, is a powerful motivator and the most effective way to achieve change. When stakeholders believe that changes will be beneficial to the company, their department, and their jobs, they give and do their best. They desire and own the change and are fully committed to it.  The Suran Group helps to make that involvement happen.

Connect People – The organization’s structure should facilitate connections, dialogue, sharing and accountability. It should be carefully designed, adequately documented and widely distributed. Many companies find that when they document reporting relationships for the first time people experience amazing ‘a ha!’ moments that result in big improvements to communication and collaboration.  The Suran Group guides restructuring to strengthen connections.

Share Knowledge – Effective information sharing across the organization helps to build unity.  It encourages everyone to share and add to group knowledge, which increases organizational wisdom, strength and sustainability.  The Suran Group guides development of information sharing processes and formats.

Strong and Committed Leadership – There is only one way to be a good leader: care more about the Vision and the people you lead than about your own comfort and desires. Real leaders put their own egos and preferences aside and focus on the long term development of the organization. They are successful because of that goal-focused, self-less attitude.  The Suran Group cares about your Vision and success; we help to build effective leaders.

Motivating Visions – Visions are not static; they are very different from Missions.  Visions, and the strategic plans that support them, drive organizations to successful futures.  The Suran Group excels at helping organizations to design inspiring Visions and actionable strategic plans.