This book explores the DNA of organizations that rise to greatness and then keep thriving — resilient organizations. Whenever these organizations stumble, they pick themselves up and either get back on track or change directions. Their DNA has embedded resilience in their every cell.

The collective heartbeat of the resilient organization allows it to respond quickly and effectively to any threat or opportunity.  Too many companies lack that ability; fear dictates their every decision and action. When a threat appears, they hastily slash budgets and lay people off; then, even less able than they were to deal with the threat, they sicken and die. In sharp contrast, the resilient company relies on courage, audacity and firm resolve to conquer the threat and move forward. Its people trust one another. They hold fast to the organization’s vision and goals; they know its systems will support their efforts. They act boldly. They take risks.

Any great leader can successfully pull an individual, a team or an entire organization through a crisis. But doing that time after time takes great effort and frequently pulls limited resources from other important activities. That’s why it makes sense to embed resilience into the organization’s DNA, to construct the framework and sharpen the tools to create a collective heartbeat that enables everyone in the organization to be and produce their best.

The DNA of the Resilient Organization shows how viewing and making changes holistically leads to an environment that efficiently and successfully improves itself and is consistently able to weather storms. With each change that is made, with each problem that is encountered or resolved with this approach, the organization maximizes its ability to improve.

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The Second Edition of The DNA of the Resilient Organization!