The Suran Group helps organizations to grow and to prosper by helping them to accomplish new directions and expansions. We help to accomplish change by providing services in these areas:

  • Focused Strategic Planning
  • Organizational Structures for Engagement and Performance
  • Strategies for Unifying, Integrating and Linking
  • Facilitating Implementation
  • Executive / Management Coaching

The Suran Group has provided services in these areas for over 30 years.

Specialty services within these areas include:

  • Strategic Planning – Preparation and facilitation; follow-up, reporting and implementation processes
  • Governance – Planning and development of structures, roles and responsibilities, selection criteria, policies, and processes
  • Management Coaching in:
    • Leadership to motivate and increase momentum
    • Collaboration and use of teams to accomplish change
    • Alliances and linkages to expand and develop capacity
    • Process thinking to improve effectiveness and increase potential for success
    • Effective use of information (financial and non-financial), for internal and external purposes
    • Financial Structures and Processes – Integration of these processes throughout the organization and consistently within all finance related departments and personnel

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