Sample Similar Projects Involving Strategic Plans

Organization 1 (Health Care)

The Situation
An education and health care service organization had six very separate divisions.  Each division had its own leadership structure, board of directors, information and reporting systems, administrative and management systems, customer communication and tracking systems (although they had many customers in common), vendors (although they had many product and service needs in common).  Obviously, there was significant duplication and overlap.

There was loss of significant opportunities for shared costs, for maximizing marketing and public relations impact.  Additionally, there was major frustration by customers who received multiple billings with different billing cycles and processes and by vendors who received multiple and confusing orders for similar products with different delivery dates and requirements.  They obviously lost dollars due to lack of using economies of scale and their combined bargaining power.  They lost visibility, marketing strength and public relations benefit due to lack of using their entire organizational strength.  They lost the high level benefits of seeing and using the strengths and resources of the whole organization, including shared administration, Boards and overall perspective.

What The Suran Group Did:
The Suran Group assisted with a five phase Strategic Planning effort.  Our services included:

  1. Plan, guide the accumulation of materials and research, facilitate and summarize the first strategic plan for the organization
  2. Plan, coordinate and facilitate start-up of internal Coordinating and Team meetings to accomplish the plan; assist in oversight of  internal Teams and Team planning and decision-making processes
  3. Assist with planning and design of focus group process
  4. Assist four preliminary/planning teams and Coordinating Team with beginning the implementation process and transition to permanent teams

This project included approximately 60 team members comprised of Board members, members of the professional staff, administrative staff, management and outside customers.  Other customers were involved in interviews and focus groups.

The project laid the groundwork for an integrated organization campus with coordinated processes, organization and reporting systems, and integrated information/communication and public/community relations efforts.

Organization 2 (Multi-church merger)

The sponsoring church organization, faced with declining religious leader resources, increasing costs and declining church membership numbers in a region, needed to combine 3 previously independent churches into one local church.  Each church previously had its own leader, advisory boards, programs, administrative staff, financial resources, real estate, information systems and other assets.  The members of each church highly regarded their unique culture and personality and local management.

What The Suran Group Did
The Suran Group assisted with this planned merger of three churches.  We worked with two central leaders from the sponsoring church organization, leaders of the each of the three churches, advisory boards at each church (program and resources), and established working teams comprised of church members and staff to collect information, analyze, discuss alternatives, develop plans (for alternative use of facilities and centralization of church functions; integration of programs, management and staff, finances, and information systems), and for phased in implementation of the merger.  This planning and implementation group ultimately included approximately 300 participants in the advisory boards and teams and resulted in an orderly and successful merger.

Organization 3 (Higher Education)

The Situation
The Suran Group assisted an education program in a large University with fulfilling its vision of becoming a recognized, quasi-independent Institute within the University and the international community.

What The Suran Group Did
Through a four phase, 18 month project, The Suran Group assisted with coordination, development, management, facilitation and implementation of a comprehensive plan for achieving this vision.  The plan included planning and facilitation of a Strategic Planning process with situation assessment, development of Mission, Vision, Goals, Objectives, Strategies and Action Plans (including personnel, financial, facilities, equipment, media, partners, etc.).  The project included interviews with stakeholders, educators, funders, scientists, media and others in the industry (government, other universities, media, etc.) across the United States and internationally.  Subsequent detailed plans and implementation efforts included working with educators, administrators and management throughout the university system including financial and administrative departments, upper university management, related and competing departments and other universities, the Foundation, and all Program staff.  The Suran Group worked with approximately 90-100 people in this effort at all levels of the University and throughout the country (a few international).

Note: These are sample projects only.  The Suran Group has numerous other projects which display our experience in Strategic and Change Planning and Implementation which we will summarize upon request.


New Consorium of Professional Services Firms

Founded concept of Professional Services as an “industry” and developed plans to expand it as fourth largest and the fastest growing industry in Oregon. Created collaborative association of professional services providers combining six disparate professions (architecture, law, engineering, accounting, management consulting and public relations). Worked with teams of professionals from eighteen associations to develop strategic plan, design organization structure, supervise program development, public awareness and lead funding plan.

Social Service Not-For-Profit

Restructure of not-for-profit serving homeless with new processes, facility plan, staffing, short and long term business plan, and program operations strategies. Within target date, organization had full funding to proceed with innovative service for homeless population.

Rural Oregon County

Facilitated assessment and selection of economic development strategies for rural county suffering from loss of timber industry. Nine towns were competing with one another for industrial development and infrastructure funding; brought them together for the first time in a collaboratively developed plan. Engaged hundreds of local citizens in teams to determine strategies.

Large Social Service Not-For-Profit

Led the introdection of a for profit function for an agency dependent upon government and fundraising resources. Developed and facilitated process for narrowing over 300 for-profit concepts to select highest potential new direction. Convened leaders from throughout the business community to assist in developing the new venture which led to a major new source of revenue.

Major Regional Recreational Facility

Led staff from approximately 10 departments in first team-developed, collaborative operations plan for $100 million expansion on very fast time-line. Required cross-departmental cooperation to an extent not previously accomplished. Included development of plans for programs, personnel, financing, public relations and communications processes.

Regional Hub of International Health Care Industry Manufacturer/Distributor

Designed and led process for assessment of customer needs and issues; analysis of products, competitors and pricing; development of plan for organizational structure and operations changes. Process brought outside stakeholders into the issues analysis and planning process for the first time.

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