Who Is The Suran Group? – Inactive August 23, 2016

Today’s changes and challenges within all organizations are incredibly complex, but can be approached simply and comprehensively when led by targeted skilled specialists. The Suran Group, led by Sandra Suran, has evolved an approach which utilizes highly skilled, proven specialists to meet the demands of today’s organizational changes and challenges. They are specialists in many different professions, chosen for their deep knowledge of their specialty niche.  They are selected based upon the needs of the specific client project. 

The Northwest is home to some of the most creative, high integrity, and committed-to-quality consultants in the U.S. They come here, they stay here, because they want to live and work in that kind of environment. They typically have independent practices but closely align to other high quality firms. They may be small firms, but they are some of the best; many are sought out and highly respected nationally.

The Suran Group seeks out and is able to obtain the services of the best of these consultants for our clients – our clients don’t need to go out of the area to get the best. This insures consultants who understand the Northwest environment and culture and reduces the fee for the best quality because there are no costly out of state travel costs.


The Suran Group’s corps of resources are in the following areas:

    • Business Management & Consulting

    • Funding, Investments and Business Banking

    • Human Resources and Coaching

    • Economic & Market Research and Consulting

    • Legal Advisors

    • Marketing and Public Relations

    • Systems / Software

    • Operations / Process Improvement