In a time of constant change, The Suran Group believes every organization, and individuals within the organization, need to focus on constant learning – both within their major expertise area as well as in areas that affect their overall growth and development.

For The Suran Group’s clients, this sometimes means we recommend specific higher education for executives, special seminars and courses for management as well as staff. It may mean mentoring or coaching for groups or specific personnel, or suggestions to join organizations that will provide access to courses, brainstorming sessions or networking with peers to share “real life” lessons.

For The Suran Group, constant learning means attending university courses and high level seminars, participating in professional organizations to gain additional technical knowledge, and active participation in organizations where cutting-edge work and current organizational issues and solutions are discussed.

Here is a sampling of recent activities in which The Suran Group has participated this year to constantly grow our knowledge and expertise. If you are interested in any of the topics, we would be happy to share materials with you. (Contact Us)

Major seminars and conferences attended:

Negotiation and Dealing with Difficult People for Senior Executives – Harvard Law School, Boston MA, 2008

Oregon Leadership Summit and Economic Conference – Oregon Business Council, Portland, OR, 2008

Not for Profit Industry – American Institute of CPAs, Washington DC and Los Angeles, CA

Economic Update and Annual Directors Conference – Federal Reserve Bank of San Francisco, San Francisco, CA

Professional involvement:

Institute of Management Consultants  IMC Logo
National Association of State Boards of Accountancy  Nucleus Research has NASBA Accreditation

Oregon Society of Certified Public Accountants

American Institute of CPA’s


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