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A great leader can pull an organization or team through a crisis, but that takes great effort and draws significant resources away from other important strategies and tasks.

The DNA of the Resilient Organization shows how to makes organizations crisis-proof, to achieve their vision despite obstacles. It shows organizations how to create a collective heartbeat, to become internally stronger and more resilient, so they can meet challenges and seize opportunities as they arise. Each time the organization overcomes a challenge, the processes and tools for resilience become more firmly embedded in its DNA, so the process is self-sustaining.

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The DNA of the Resilient Organization

What Readers Have Said:

“In The DNA of the Resilient Organization, Sandra Suran has written what I consider to be one of the best and most useful books I have read. Through the use of relevant stories and examples, the guidance and advice is intuitively and clearly conveyed. I recommend this book to anyone associated with an organization, to prepare for, or address, the threat of crisis.”

Ken Bishop
President and CEO
National Association of State Boards of Accountancy


“An absolute must-read for any leader working to grow an organization: whether in size, robustness, performance, or all three.”

Virginia Ohler
Ohler Management Services, Inc.


“This is a gem! The content and Sandra’s presentation on it was at the level of having Jim Collins speak.”

Steve Harpham
Living Water Financial Advisors
Former Controller, UPS


“Sandra Suran lays the ground work and gives great examples about the importance of collaboration in the work place and how to get to one collective heartbeat.”

Book Bear 512 Review


“Suran hits this book home. Powerful real-world lessons for creating powerful alignment. A must read!”

Five-Star Customer Review, July 14, 2014