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The Suran Group is a Management Consulting firm specializing in Change Management & Organization Development.  We help organizations achieve their goals and accomplish beneficial changes.  But, we are very different from other firms.  We don’t just help to manage change; we help to make it happen!  

According to our clients, we accomplish three things that other management consultants don’t:    

    • Changes we facilitate are sustainable – they stick!
    • Our approach helps to simultaneously build organization resilience – a major value-add!  
    • We help to build the knowledge & skills of the organization’s people at every step of the process.  They make the change happen – we just facilitate!  

Since 1990, The Suran Group has helped to plan and facilitate growth-focused projects for business, not-for-profit organizations and government entities that have these core attributes:   

    • Openness to change  
    • Care about their people
    • High integrity
    • Growth and success focused

The Suran Group works closely with organization teams to:  

    • Assess issues and challenges to fully understand the needs for change
    • Develop the plan and design solutions     
    • Implement changes


The only sure way to successful and sustainable changes is with strong communication processes/systems and involvement of stakeholders.  The Suran Group has the experience and resources to facilitate this empowering process for accomplishing effective change.   


Sandra has been honored again!  See the full interview with her in the KPMG Alumni Spotlight Newsletter.  For other recognition & awards, visit our News & Events page.



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